What is specification design? (posted 6th May 2016)

When we talk 'spec' what do we mean? As an interior design company we're not just about plumping beautiful cushions on bespoke sofas (although we do this too). We also get involved in an integral design element of the home itself, namely the specification.

'Specification' or 'spec' for short refers to the kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, tiles, cabinetry, design choice and layout of products that go into the space. We basically design and source everything that would be fitted into your home!
What is specification design?
For example these beautiful glass door knobs!

And what does this do? Well it gives and creates a cohesive design within a home. "Working on specification is particularly exciting for a designer as it has such permanence. Everything we design is fitted into all properties on a development which means we get to design a backdrop to many purchasers homes" says Helen, an interior designer and one of Suna Interior Design's co-directors who has a particular fondness for spec design and often finds her desk 'spec-tastic' (filled with samples of tiles, taps and maybe even a kitchen sink for various projects)
What is specification design?
Gessi's Goggia Basin Mixer (tap)

And Helen's recommendations for where to look for great spec items at the moment:
Tiles: "We've just come back from Italy where we got to see some really AMAZING tile designs! In fact they're so fantastic that we're going to be doing a collaboration with one of our suppliers... So watch this space!"
What is specification design?
We're not giving anything away yet, these aren't the tiles, but they are rather divine!

Bathroom: "I really love Neve's Canali basin tap and shower combo. We installed this into a development called The Orchards for Mount Anvil a few years ago and it still has a special place on my Pinterest board."
What is specification design?
The same pipe runs from the shower, through the glass shower wall and becomes the tap!

Kitchens: "We've just started to work with Krieder - their Manhattan design with polished brass and marble is on my wish list!"
What is specification design?
Krieder's very stylish Manhattan kitchen design.

Panelling: "I'm rather keen on this modern panelling, probably for an entrance hall. Adding these extra touches are the design choices that can really enhance an interior."
What is specification design?
Creating an interesting hall space.

Hopefully this has given you a little more insight into what we're talking about when we say 'spec'! If you'd like to have a look at some of the projects we've worked on, click here!

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