#Whatnottosaytoaninteriordesigner part 1 (posted 27th June 2012)

It all started on Twitter, I was inspired by a hashtag #whatnottosaytoawriter. Interior Design tweeters rallied and came up with some great #whatnottosaytoaninteriordesigner , here's the list so far.....

Phone call from site manager/decorator "Are you sure you want this wallpaper on the actual walls" or "my decorator says he doesn't like the wall colour"

"Ooooh, I'd love your job"

Whilst shopping for accessories, from sales person "Oooh, you doing your house up?" followed by, after explanation of why I am purchasing lots of X coloured accessories "Ooh, I'd love your job"

"We want amazing/wow/wonderful/beautiful/luxurious/opulent. Our budget is ...(not enough)"

"I was thinking of something a bit more wow" (and here I was aiming for 'underwhelming' with my design)

"Yes, it's a lovely chair. Its on a 16 week leadtime"

"My wife wants to be an interior designer, she did a evening course in paint effects"

"Yes, you can have COM. Pay us extra £150 for you to supply your own fabric and then £180 delivery" *true*

With a trolley full of shopping and a bill for a *£££* "Would you like a carrier bag, they are 10p each"

"It's only some pretty pictures and magazine cut-outs. You don't really expect to be paid for that..."
"I saw this great idea on DIY SOS..."

"My daughter did these sketches for you to follow"

"My friend thinks..."

"We want swags and tails"

"I've changed my mind"

"now I see it finished it isn't quite what I was expecting"

"you know what I mean, something funky"

"How about we chuck some chintz over that sofa"

"so you just pick wallpaper & cushions then?".... No.

"so you can come design my house for free then?"

"What would have been really clever, would have been if you . . . "

Thanks to the following for their contributions!

philip blount ‏@blounty123
Lavinia Engleman ‏@LaviniaEngleman
Iain Groom ‏@Ominic_Design
The Art of Bespoke @theartofbespoke
Natalie Dedhar ‏@TalieInteriors
Jess C @JessLCole
Cushlab ‏@Cushlab1
Ben Capper ‏@BenJCapper
Bethan Gray ‏@bethanhgray
Sebastian Bergne ‏@SebastianBergne
Tam Hills ‏@TTamStar