#Whatnottosaytoaninteriordesigner part 2 (posted 28th June 2012)

Some more corkers have come in through Twitter/the girls in the office/shopping on the Kings Road this afternoon!

"I bet your own house looks like a show house...."

"I saw this project on TV, the budget was Ā£500, I am sure with your creative ideas...'

When ironing for show house "Aye Luv, if I'dve known you were doing the ironing I'da bought me shirts...."

"I am thinking of becoming an interior designer, because my friends think my house is lovely"

"I did a evening course in paint effects, would you like to see my portfolio?"....(!)

Thanks to staff of various shops on Kings Road, site staff on a development in Bow, Diana Celella ā€¸@Dianacelella