William Morris (posted 24th March 2016)

William Morris
William Morris' first wallpaper design: Trellis. 

William Morris is featured on Google today as it would have been his 182nd birthday. The English textile designer (poet, novelist and more) was a major contributor to the revival of British textile arts. At the start of his career as a wallpaper designer his papers were expensive. As such their use was restricted to those who both wanted it and could afford it. Initially the West End design world was not sure about his designs, calling them 'too peculiar'. However, this changed in 1868 when Charles Eastlake's book: Hints on Household Taste was published, encouraging a greater interest in interior design amongst the public and trade. 

Morris was also one of the first (along with Liberty) to create a 'one-stop-shop' for home interiors. He opened a store first in Bloomsbury and then on Oxford Street that sold his creations, all in one location. The result was those with a more modest means were also able to access the world of current interior design and decorate their homes. 

Here are more of Morris' iconic designs:
William Morris
Daisy by William Morris

William Morris
Pomegranate by William Morris

William Morris
Sunflower by William Morris

William Morris
Borage by William Morris

Happy birthday William Morris!