Q. Where did the name come from?

A. The name came from Suna. Suna the person. Suna who started the company in 2001. She’s an actual person, not an abstract made up name or acronym or initials.


Q. How big is the company?

A. We always say ‘small and boutique’ but there’s actually quite a team here. Twenty people, but with a small and boutique work ethic and approach to client relationships.


Q. Where are you based?

A. Wimbledon… South Wimbledon… Ok, just south of South Wimbledon. Let’s just say that we’re not in the village so don’t imagine we spend all our time lunching on the common.


Q. Do you work with individuals?

A. Nope. We are B2B only, working with developers and hoteliers on property developments so I’m afraid we can’t do your own extension/new kitchen/house refurb.


Q. Do you specialise in any particular market sector?

A. The diversity of our portfolio allows us to work with a really wide range of clients, from one-off developers to the big national builders, from shared ownership to private sale, from studio apartments to big old country houses, and everything in between.


Q. Do you work across the whole of the UK?

A. We do, we have projects as far afield as Plymouth and Scotland. The bulk of our work happens to be in the South of the UK, but if there’s a project we want to work on we will come to you, wherever you may be.


Q. Do you work abroad?

A. We don’t do installs abroad but we will happily work on CGIs and emailable work for projects overseas.


Q. Where do you get your brilliant ideas from?

A. Our brilliant minds, of course. And a variety of design and interior exhibitions. Magazines and blogs. And a little bit of Instagram and Pinterest. We often go to fashion shows and visit hotels and bars and restaurants for inspiration. Basically everything out there, we look and see and inhale. We once based a scheme on an image of a traffic light against a clear blue sky, but that’s another story…


Q. What are this years trends?

A. This dreaded question brings us out in hives. We work on so many projects every year and bring something new to each and every one. Trends can inform the direction of a design but we make a point of not slavishly following them.


Q. Do you design Saunas?

A. Nope. Never. Well, actually we did do one once but it didn’t convince us to run with the typo of the company name and become sauna designers.


Q. Are you a retail supplier of fabrics and furnishings?

A. Our suppliers will give you our details because we are one of their trade accounts. So you will ring us, and we will say "No, we don’t supply fabrics and furnishings". Sorry.


Q. Do you work for free?

A. Erm. No.