Prue's Book Club For Nerds


Prue's Book Club For Nerds



She’s started our Suna Interior Design Library and is now reviewing the contents! We are delighted to introduce Prue’s Book Club For Design Nerds!


With the trains having been up to their usual shenanigans over the past few weeks I spent a lot more time commuting than usual and finished Malcom Gladwell's book 'The Tipping Point'. Gladwell, a writer for The New Yorker outlines the tipping point as a moment at which an idea catches on and spreads. He uses a multitude of small stories that build into matters of great consequence.  His chapters focus on epidemic catalysts such as cigarettes, the Columbia House gold record advertising campaign, Sesame Street and Airwalk sneakers amongst others. 


This book really had  me thinking about how tipping points work within design. The stickiness factor which Gladwell talks about is a key agenda for our design process. Having a distinctive part of our design stick in the minds of our clients and effectively their consumers. Weather it is colour palette, a wallpapered ceiling, unique rug or key products that paraphrase the consumer perfectly. 


By wallpapering the ceiling of a white-on-white palette design and utilising colourful, contemporary works of art this room leaves a lasting impression. This was a very successful project: Portobello Square for Catalyst By Design in Notting Hill. 


Prudence Forde


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