Is Neo Mint the new colour for 2020?


Is Neo Mint the new colour for 2020?


so We’re giving you a bit of a heads up, it looks like Neo Mint is the colour to watch for the season running into SPRING/SUMMER 2020. Think mint choc chip, California brights and a bit of 50’s styling…

According to WGSN Neo Mint is going to be the colour for S/S2020, so expect to see it start filtering into fashion and interiors in the run up to 2020. It’s a colour move forward from the established position Greenery has held in the interiors field in recent years, adding a bit of a retro vibe to the green corner of the colour palette. To some, the 50’s California styling might be slightly (scarily) reminiscent of coloured bathroom suites but bear with and we can try and convince you that it might just be a colour prediction worth considering. Head over to our Director, Rebecca Hunt’s Neo Mint Pinterest page for the full image overload!

Pure neo mint

To embrace the all consuming version then paint walls, woodwork and furniture. Bring it into kitchens on cabinetry, or bedrooms of bedding. Bring a neo mint wallpaper into the picture (we love the Palm Leaves wallpaper by Cole and Son). Or make the briefest of nods to neo mint on furniture detailing, in lighting or artwork.

MIx match

For added oomph then look at bringing in other colours and tones against the mint. Blush pinks and coral will really reinforce the candy colour influence. Combine with warm woods and ochres to help ground the colour scheme. Mix with greens and actual greenery for a crossover with current and future colout trends. Add navy for a really lush, rich effect. Or for the unconvinced, by greying the mint down towards more of a muted tone you can reduce the candy pastel impact of the true mint tone.


Look for wallpapers by Cole and Son and The Pattern Collective. chairs from Sklum and Clippings, cushions from Mineheart and Timorous Beasties.

We’ll leave all that with you, shall we? Maybe take the time to check Pinterest out and see if the mint trend will take your fancy, or if you’d rather stick to using mint only in your ice cream cone…

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