Proven track record in Marketing Suite design

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Proven track record in Marketing Suite design


We have been working in the property development sector since 2001, and have a proven track record across all our services that date back to the conception of the company.

For our show homes we unfailingly adopt an approach that ensures that every single project has it’s own distinct look, and our design tactics are no different when it comes to marketing suites. In both style and budget we work across the board, across the country and across a broad range of properties, developers and projects.

Marketing suites allow us to work in a slightly different way than we do for residential interiors. We can bring a more commercial approach to the project, and whilst we will always design with the brand, target market and functionality at the forefront of our minds, a marketing suite design means we can work more directly with the concept of the ‘customer journey’, making sure that every aspect of a potential purchasers experience is considered from the minute they approach the development, all the way to signing on the dotted line, getting their keys and moving in.

The resulting marketing suite projects in our portfolio range from double height, purpose built structures, refurbished warehouses, retail spaces, to the archetypal portacabin synonymous with selling new homes in the good old days (reinvented, of course!), proving that we really can take any interior space and transform it to reinforce the brand message that a developer is working hard to establish.

For a quick run through some of our diverse projects, read on…

Bermondsey marketing suite for london sqUARE

A stunning warehouse space, complete with skylights and vast open spaces, we took this marketing suite and sectioned it off with monumental walls and critall style dividers, creating distinct areas for all aspects of the sales and marketing process. With a meet-and-greet reception area, several seating areas and a bar, meeting rooms and selection areas, all aspects of the selling ;process was considered. We brought the spec out of the apartments and utilised it in the marketing suite for a dash of continuity, connecting the marketing suite and the show homes to strengthen the customer journey. Graphic messages brought humour and life to the design, reinforcing the brand and location of the development in edgy Bermondsey. Every element, from flooring to wall finishes, from furniture to lighting was designed by the Suna team, who then oversaw installation to make sure that the vision became a reality.

In the clients own words, “As marketing suites have evolved during the past decade Suna have adapted to consider the best solution for each environment. They are very responsive to the brief, target market and budget and we have been delighted with the impressive marketing suites they have provided for us. They have the ability to create diverse designs from high end luxury to urban cool and always consider the practical with the aesthetic,” Rebecca Littler, Sales and Marketing Director, London Square.


This purpose built marketing suite had to reflect the fresh air, light and space of the location, in a stunning country park, literally flanked by a beautiful lake as the centre piece of the development. A double height space with mezzanine level created an opportunity for us to take the eye up into the eaves, then draw the attention back to the picture window out of which the view of the lake called to visitors. Grounding the design with a deep blue set against the burnt orange of the development branding ensured that the space had a welcoming and homely atmosphere, reinforced with warm tones of leather and wood. The sales area was defined by the lower ceiling heights under the mezz level, which we opted to paint in the orange to make the space feel more intimate. A relaxing space, defined by variegated flooring finishes, the use of colour and the functionality of the furnishings chosen made for a really lovely marketing suite for the client.


A great opportunity to take an apartment plot, remove all the walls and introduce colour and vibrancy into a development located in an area that encapsulates all the energy and life of the design. Taking the branding as the starting point we worked with the developer and the branding agency, Philosophy, to bring character and colour to the marketing suite. With bespoke furniture throughout, from the faceted desk design to the innovative bench seating with full height dividing screen, this marketing is a proper one off!

Another bit of shameless back patting coming up…”Suna always apply the highest level of attention to all design pitches that they bring to us at Hyde New Homes, tapping into our target markets and pinpointing an exact approach that complements our marketing and branding. They cover all bases and we are confident that what they show us at presentation will be translated into reality, whether it be a show home, CGI or marketing suite. We continue to go to Suna as they bring fresh, clear thinking to each project and offer us a diversity of design that reflects the variety of developments and locations that Hyde New Homes bring to the market,” Minnie Dando, Head of marketing, Hyde New Homes.

Kensal rise MARKETING SUITE for prime place

An altogether more muted palette, this design is the epitome of contemporary lux, bringing textures of concrete, leather, fzbric and wood together in a clever, understated design. From the relief concrete motif on the reception desk, to the intricate wood panelling on the back wall, from the upholstered wall in the meeting room, to the bespoke display shelves for the development specification, from the leather tab handles on the cabinetry to the model base that incorporates a meeting table for informalmeetings, every detail has been designed with thoughtful consideration.


Another impressive double height structure, furnished to accentuate a feeling of light and space, bringing in just a dash of coral against a monochrome and brass backdrop. Using bespoke fins to divide the space, designed and fitted by Suna, we created distinct areas within this marketing suite, zoning the space to allow for meeting areas, seating areas and a beautiful bar area. Industrial style lighting and a warm brass accent finish brought a touch of contemporary styling to this elegant design.


From the largest of spaces to the smallest! This cabin for Mount Anvil at their Canary Wharf development, Dollar Bay, could have brought back all the worst nightmares of 1990’s portacabins dropped onto sites and left to look like, well, a portacabin. Our challenge here was to take the cabin and, whilst accepting the inherent space limitations, create a marketing suite fit for a Canary Wharf development. So we did! Bespoke cabinetry, careful space planning and a clever use of finishes and materials means that this cabin bears no relation to it's humble 90’s cousin. High end luxury, all in the space the size of the average garage.


From the heart of the city to the beauty of a development overlooking Richmond Park, this development exudes elegance and luxury and the marketing suite had to toe the line. A rich palette of neutrals, deep dark woods and brass combine to create a high end marketing suite at this exclusive development. A bespoke champagne bar, set off against a wall of brushed and polished brass panelling, sits alongside a elegant seating area and fretwork dividing walls, all designed and installed by Suna. A true gem in our portfolio, this marketing suite served to sell some of the most select properties in the Richmond locale.


An oldie, but a goodie, this was one of our flagship marketing suites back in the day, and it still stands the test of time. Colour blocking, feature lighting and a real sense of fun defined this project as a forerunner of the development of marketing suites from utilitarian, unwelcoming spaces to ones where a developer could bring their clients into a space more reminiscent of a bar or cafe, introducing the move towards a more informal way of selling.

A diverse bunch, we think you’ll agree? Working solely with property developers, both large and small, we bring our interior design expertise to your marketing campaign in a way that other studios won’t. We aren’t selling our own agenda, or promoting our own ‘house style’. We are tapping into your target market and designing directly for that market, in exactly the same way your branding and marketing collateral does.

All we ask of you is the opportunity to pitch. Send us a brief and we will design the scheme, present it to you and convince you that we are the right people for your project!

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