Bring the indoors out....


Bring the indoors out…


Spring SUDDENLY SEEMS TO HAVE sprung so now’s the time to TakE the tried and tested ‘bringing the outdoors in’ and turn it on it’s head

As interior designers in London we often find ourselves talking about the benefits of ‘Bringing the Outdoors In’ and how this can have such a positive impact on a space. We are huge fans of introducing greenery into show homes, not only to add a sense of calm but to also give the feeling of ‘life’ in a room that is not yet lived in. At the moment we are feeling particularly inspired to think about this the other way around by ‘Bringing the Indoors Out.’

Rather than suffering the January blues one of our senior designers, Leonnie Whitehead, was lucky enough to escape Down Under this year.  After a month in the heat of the Australian summer where she spent the majority of the time outdoors, it really got her thinking about how our interiors can spill out onto our exterior space to make it feel like an extension of the home.

TAKE INSPiration from the AUSSIES and MAKE the most of any outdoor space you may have

Leonnie says, “Often our outdoor spaces are a bit of an afterthought and can become empty and neglected. However I’m sure all ‘Londonites’ would agree that space is a precious thing and we need to make the most of every inch we have. By adding a few simple home comforts, we can turn an outdoor space into a little urban oasis where we can relax in our sacred free time. Comfy seating and soft furnishings with various patterns and textures can instantly make an outdoor seating area feel cosier. Combine this with a mixture of potted plants and candle lit lanterns, and suddenly the atmosphere will become very inviting. Being typically British, as soon as the weather slightly brightens up we love to make the most of it by filling the local beer gardens, parks and rooftop bars. In reality we don’t have to venture away from home to enjoy the fresh air from our own balcony’s and terraces by simply adding a few elements that we would usually only considering buying for our living room."

The best of both worlds

“We know you’re probably thinking London is often too cold and rainy to sit out on the balcony, but we are seeing many urban developments introducing the wonderful concept of a winter garden, a partially enclosed balcony or terrace, so a resident can enjoy the sun and fresh air at home without being totally exposed to the elements. A winter garden can really feel like an extension of a living or dining room but with more of a sense of tranquillity and less temptation to clutter with functional or practical items. This space works perfectly when dedicated to time-out enjoying the view or socialising. We worked on this amazing apartment for Mount Anvil at Dollar Bay that had the most incredible winter garden, really effectively bringing the living space and the outdoor terrace together by using the same concrete effect tile in both spaces and reducing the visual impact of the threshold. ”

get yourself ready to look forward to spring and summer.

Leonnie concludes, “I may be a bit optimistic in saying this but in the past few days it’s starting to feel like spring has sprung, which makes it a bit more acceptable to start daydreaming about long summer nights and al-fresco dining on a Sunday Afternoon. So keep an eye out - thanks to my Aussie relatives I’m feeling inspired and ready  to create dreamy balcony’s and terraces around London. I may even spend the weekend planting my mini-urban herb garden ready for the summer ahead!”

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