Twenty Questions : Rebecca Kent

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Twenty Questions : Rebecca Kent, Lead Designer at Suna.


A quickFIRE 20 question SESSION for one of our Lead Designers, rebecca kent, on all the important things in life!

Question one : What inspired you to be a designer?

The Sims! And all interior/architectural tv shows…

QUESTION TWO : Tell us about a particular interior design that you wish you could have been responsible for?

All the Firmdale hotels by Kit Kemp


QUESTION THREE : If you weren’t a designer, what other career could you have seen yourself doing?

Nurse or Vet

QUESTION FOUR : What’s your favourite type of day? Doing what? What does an ‘ideal day’ look like?

One with variety. Catching up with all the Designers on their current schemes, hearing we have been successful on a pitched scheme and a handover with a client to show them the finished project.

QUESTION FIVE : Favourite Suna project?

The Docks at Azure for Countryside Properties at their St Mary’s Island development in Kent.

QUESTION SIX : Tell us something about you that we would never guess?

I have a matchbox collection. I collect them from every country/restaurant I visit.

QUESTION SEVEN : Tell us about something you do particularly well?

Juggle and organise multiple things.

QUESTION EIGHT : And something you’re not so good at?

Working the Sky remote!

QUESTION NINE : What kind of kid were you?

Shy, yet curious and determined

QUESTION TEN : Night in/Night out?

Bit of both

QUESTION ELEVEN : What fictional character do you most admire?



QUESTION TWELVE : Which person in real life do you most admire?

My parents

QUESTION THIRTEEN : Favourite film?

Marley and Me


QUESTION FOURTEEN : Favourite restaurant?

Macondo, Hvar


QUESTION FIFTEEN : Favourite late night snack?

Marmite crumpets. Plenty of butter and cooked slightly crisp!

QUESTION SIXTEEN : City break or beach?

Again, bit of both.

QUESTION SEVENTEEN : Favourite city?


QUESTION EIGHTEEN : Favourite hotel?

The George in Rye

The george in rye.JPG


I would have a few! London pad, country house and one abroad to be able to have a variety of interiors.

AND FINALLY, QUESTION TWENTY : What advice would you give the teenage you?

Not to worry so much.


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