About Us

Meet the Team


Rebecca Hunt

Director - owner

Rebecca continues to bring her innate creativity to every aspect of the business. If she’s not adding her expertise to the designs heading out of the studio you’ll find her scrutinising the financials, waxing lyrical on the blog or finding another opportunity to shout about our work on all and every platform out there. 


Steven Pepper

Lead Designer


If you want someone who can enthuse about the pros and cons of every detail of your interior then Steven fits the bill. His attention to detail and scrupulous budget control will make every pound per square foot work for you. Give him a floor plan to optimise and he happily takes it home to work on for fun. 


Helen Fewster

Director - owner

Helen spends much of her time brainstorming schemes and challenging the design process with the team. Her experience, drive and enthusiasm are obvious to all who work with her. Get her talking and she can chew your ear off for hours, whether it’s about a project, the latest product on the market or the last awards she’s judged.


Rebecca Kent

Lead Designer
Show Homes & Design for CGI

Rebecca has a diplomatic and fastidious approach to overseeing the design team. Her great communication and collaborative approach enables her to keep everything running smoothly even during the busiest periods. Juggling the creative output and ensuring deliverable designs, Rebecca quietly and effectively gets the job done.


Nicola Sayers

Operations Manager

There’s nothing that goes on at Suna that Nicola doesn’t know about. A key member of the managerial team her lateral thinking ensures a continuous evolution. Whilst overseeing the operations staff, and everything that comes with that, she also manages to provide support and training to the wider team.

Sharon Fitt



As an experienced accounts professional Sharon has the arduous task of wrangling a bunch of creatives to make sure everything adds up at the end of the day. She is dedicated to achieving an efficient business model and is meticulous in her approach. She’s the one holding the purse strings and making sure your money is well spent.



Specification & Marketing Suite Team


Not only style but substance too. This is the team that take attention to detail to another level, curating deliverable, commercial and creative designs. Their approach combines technical expertise and an inventive imagination to explore every avenue to achieve the best results.



Show home & Design for CGI Team


No two briefs are the same and neither are our designers. Tasked with creating unique and inspiring designs across a broad range of styles, locations and budgets this is the dedicated team we can rely on to innovate, coming up with the goods time and time again.



Operations Team


These are the people who make it all happen. They may be behind the scenes, but we couldn’t do what we do without them. Tackling everything from stock control, project ordering, diary management, site liaison, overseeing installs, problem solving and everything in-between.